I started this because there’s a need for a site that does MORE than list open mics in New Jersey.

I made this website in order to explore New Jersey open mics. The content is generated solely by experiences at open mics in New Jersey. This is a much more intimate setting for people that live in New Jersey.

JerseyMic is growing fast. Started in April 2009 with only two reviews and a handful of photos, JerseyMic is reaching thousands of people in New Jersey.

The goals is that JerseyMic becomes your #1 resource for New Jersey open mics.

If you think you can help, or if you’re good at

  • photography
  • writing up reviews
  • networking with NJ musicians
  • finding local advertisers
  • marketing (online and offline)
  • website design
  • coming up with good ideas for JerseyMic.com

Or any other reason you think you could help, feel free to email me.