Pratt's Outside

Pratt's Outside

Here are some pictures from Alternative Soul, hosted by Ray Tyler at Pratt’s Hill of Beans in EHT, NJ. Held on Thursdays, this EHT open mic was one of the first reviewed by JerseyMic.

Alternative Soul Open Mic in EHT, NJ

Alternative Soul is getting larger and larger! And there’s no surprise: this Thursday was their first year anniversary of Alternative Soul. Congratulations to Pratt’s Hill of Beans and Ray Tyler for keeping such a wonderful night for everyone to enjoy!

We stopped by to support the open mic on its one year anniversary. (Not everyone that was there is pictured). So this time we’re going to use a Flickr slide show.

Alternative Soul on May 28th, 2009

Dan Ruiz sang one of his own originals, which you can watch below: