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Jersey Idol 2009 Garwood, NJ for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

The Crossroads

The Crossroads

So on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, I was an American Jersey Idol judge.

I was a judge for Jersey Idol, a charity event raising money for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. It was held at The Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. It was packed! There were no more seats left in the place. The parking lot was full, people needed to park on the street! I talked with some of the performers while we waiting for the sound equipment to be set up. I also took a *ton* of shots; 45 photos in all. See them in a slideshow at the bottom of the post.

This is part of the lot that was crammed with performers and attendees

This is part of the lot that was crammed with performers and attendees

The sound quality was great, à la “Joe” the sound guy:


Joe, the soundman without a last name

There were 17 finalists. Jersey Idol started at around 12pm and ended at around 3pm. Each performer had one song, one chance to impress the 5 of us. After performing, each judge gave a short critique and then rated the person (privately). At the end, the 5 judges deliberated, and we picked three winners. Congratulations to the winners:

  • Sebastian Rivera won the recording studio time
Sebastian Rivera

Sebastian Rivera won the recording studio at Soundwaves Studio!

  • Elaine Magentiren won the national anthem prize
Elaine Magentiren won the National Anthem prize!

Elaine Magentiren won the National Anthem prize at Patriot's Field!

  • “Kickdown” won the promotion consultation prize
"Kickdown" won the promotion consultation prize

"Kickdown" won the promotion consultation prize with LadyLake management

Here’s the list of the competitors, in order of performance:

  1. Pat Carmona
    • Played the National Anthem on guitar
  2. Joe Walsh
    • Played and sang “Thunder Rose”
  3. Erin O’Donnell
    • Sang “Love Story”
  4. Heather Young
    • Sang the National Anthem
  5. Lilly Walsh
    • Sang “Our Story”
  6. Carolyn Messina
    • Played and sang her original song, “The Fall” about 9/11
  7. Kristi Hunt
    • Sang “At Last”
  8. “Kickdown”
    • Played their original song “Burn”
    • Won the promotion consulting prize!
  9. David Kascak
    • Sang and played his original song, “Let’s Go Lovebird”
  10. Elaine Magentiren
    • Sang “Ave Maria”
    • Won the National Anthem prize!
  11. Megan Dunn
    • Played and sang her original song, “Crocodile”
    • Received an honorable mention!
  12. Joey Cavelli
    • Played and sang his original song, “Biggest Regret”
  13. Josh & Micah
    • Sang and played “Tears from Heaven”
  14. Daniel Ricany
    • Played an original piece on his electric guitar
  15. Christine Tack
    • Sang “Stay Beautiful”
  16. Sebastian Rivera
    • Played and sang his original song, “Balance” *(Thanks Paula!)
    • Won the recording studio time prize!
  17. “6 Ways to Saturday”
    • Played their original song, “Please Understand”

Congratulations to everybody that performed, and a double-congratulations to those that won! Jersey Idol raised nearly $1000 dollars for St. Hubert’s animal shelter on Saturday, October 4th, 2009!

We’re also now featured on, as well as the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center homepage!

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Hangar84 from May 14th, 2009: Band List and Flickr set



The Flickr set from the night: went to Hangar84 on May 14th 2009 and saw the following bands perform:

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Getting RickRolled at Hangar 84 in Vineland NJ on May 14th 2009

On May 14th, 2009 in Vineland NJ, we were RICKROLLED.

Thanks, Crucial Dudes. You can check them out on their myspace at

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It’s all over. Lots of money has been raised. Tunes Against Turmoil 2 (Or Tunes Against Turmoil II) has been a great success and it’s been over for days now. Every post is complete, and just about everyone involved is resting now. In case you missed it, or if you just wanted an easy listing of what each post did, here it goes:

The first post– explains the goals of Tunes Against Turmoil 2 and the pictures were of people there and events going on

The second post– explains more of what people did, along with the Committee of Conscience table, Dr. Jerry Ehrlich, and Leon Sangster’s poem, “What Courage with Ink and Blood Spilt”

The (intermediate) post– a link to a YouTube video of all of the pictures from the event (made by Unfortunately, Google cut out the song I had in the background. How does everyone else get away with it?

The third post– was the first one to cover bands from the event. Total Failure, Class 6, and Ocean the Legend

The fourth post– was the last coverage posting and covered Marc Ribler, My Name is August, and Alex Siniari & Christian Glomb

That’s all folks.

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Tunes Against Turmoil 2: The Final Review!

It’s been a long series. The longest yet on JerseyMic. Here is the final post for Tunes Against Turmoil II. We left off with Ocean the Legend.

The next performer was Marc Ribler (

Marc Ribler performing originals

Marc Ribler performing originals

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Tunes Against Turmoil II: Third post (Bands from TAT2)

So you’ve been waiting for this one.

It’s okay. Everyone has. Tunes Against Turmoil 2 used music and games to help raise money for Doctors Without Borders in order to help the situation in Darfur.  We met with the following performers:

  1. Total Failure
  2. Class 6
  3. The Pedestrians
  4. Ocean the Legend
  5. Marc Ribler
  6. My Name Is August
  7. Alex Siniari & Christian Glomb

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