Everyone hates printing webpages to find out that you printed two extra pages that are completely blank EXCEPT:

“10:43pm                http://www.blahblah?349489483983983_jkjjk”

Nobody likes that. So in order to cut down on being annoying, we now offer a completely free, concise version of our list of open mics in New Jersey.

Concise, print-friendly list of open mics in NJ –

Don’t worry, it will be updated whenever changed are made to the website (and posted under our “List of Open Mics” page). The printout version includes everything already listed on the open mic page along with the addresses of each open mic. With your printed version, you can make sure you’re going to the right building while you’re driving.

Give it out to friends, do whatever you want. Download it now while it’s only a page long 🙂