Something to eat at the cafe

Something to eat at the cafe

Wednesday, June 17th was another great Gregorio’s Open Mic Night! An overview of the open mic night can be found by readingĀ Gregorio’s Market in Mays Landing, NJ Open Mic on Wednesdays. The performers were:

  • Sarah Bucknam, the host of the Gregorio’s Open Mic Night
  • Stan Schwertly – sang several covers songs
  • Eric Johnston – sang several cover songs
  • Randy – sang several of his original songs and read one original poem
  • Jennifer – sang “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, and
  • Alex Siniari

You can always check the pictures from the Gregorio’s Market Open Mic Night by checking out’s Flickr Page. Or you can simply look below for the slide show!

Did you go to Gregorio’s Market that night?? Did you just miss it? Comment below!

Did you perform that night? Share your set list and I’ll update this page with it.


Alex Siniari commented, and from his blog (with updates on his music), I got the set list (it helped me to remember the order). He played:

  1. Hand Over Mouth
  2. (Daddy’s Dance)
  3. Divine
  4. Free Intro>
  5. (Daddy’s Dance)
  6. Free
  7. Norwegian Wood
  8. Widower
  9. So Far
  10. Everyday Is Sunday

This set was spread out throughout the night, and if you check his blog out, you’ll see the parenthesis and “greater than” signs stand for “tease”, and “segue”, respectively.

Alex Siniari singing at Gregorios Market

Alex Siniari singing at Gregorio's Market

Thanks Alex!