It’s getting there! Updated August 11th

Here’s the game:

  • I pick a word as a subject and start off the song with the first line.
  • You get to add a line in the comments. No hassles, just leave a quick comment.
  • 1 line per person, keep it clean.
  • To keep it simple, every pair of lines has to rhyme.
  • The song gets sung live at an open mic and recorded

Every pair has to rhyme, so as an example it would be:

“John has a cat

The cat has a hat

The cat went outside

The cat took a ride.”

We’re starting off with the subject of:  adventure.

The first line is (NEW LYRICS ADDED) :

“She put on her boots and she left

No one thought to accuse her of theft

She just felt like she needed to run

Her emotional baggage weighed about a ton

Without any chance of an agreeable parting

She stormed out in rage, & tears just kept falling.

So she wiped the tears off her haggard face

and continued on with life’s great race.

Time to move on and forget the hurt and pain

Thirty seconds late, she missed the only train.

So she sat at the station lost and afraid

With the realization her choice was made.

ADD YOUR LYRIC NOW! I’ll keep everyone who participates updated. Check the box off to be notified by email about updates to this post.

(I’m going to leave this post at the top of the site for a little for exposure. It will stay up until the song has enough words.)