The JerseyMic Briefcase

The JerseyMic Briefcase

1)  The Binder: This binder holds important documents about the website, along with printouts of statistics for each month. Important random papers go in the binder, including some mockup flyers and business card ideas.

2) My genuine Beatles Fan Club pin: Goes without explanation. It’s great! Got it as a gift a while ago, and they’re simply cool.

3) JerseyMic business cards: a box of 500 cards to hand out. They were made up a while ago and I try to spread them everywhere I can. I used VistaPrint to make them. Next time I’ll definitely use them again for quality, but I need a good designer to help me out. I’ll have to remember to find one!

4) Backup camera batteries: These are rechargeable AAs for my camera. I take a ton of photos and would hate to run out of juice in the middle of a mic. I recently bought 16 (4 packs) off of because of a Duracell coupon code (and my current 4 pack was getting weaker). Rechargeables forever! Save money!

5) The ever elusive JerseyStic: I mentioned in an earlier post, there will be some information dedicated to these guys in the future. Right now, they serve as a great way to introduce someone to the website. I make these by hand.

6) Pen & Moleskine: If you’ve ever seen me at an open mic, you’ve seen me with this. I write down people’s names, what they played (when I can), along with just about anything I can about the scenery, etc. It’s great to have on hand for everything.

7) Thumbtacks: If I find a place to pin up a business card, or a flyer when I have them, I use these. It’s lame to rip down other people’s stuff, so I try to come prepared. Which is why I have…

8 ) Tape: Just like the thumbtacks, you can’t be too prepared.

9) bag!: My sister made these for me for my birthday. There’s 9 more. I think I’ll keep one for myself, and the other 9 will be given away at an event. I’m trying to bring together a JerseyMic event before the end of the summer, if I can ever figure it out. These bags are tiny, but very sturdy and nice to touch. I absolutely love them.

10) Guitar picks: I put guitar picks everywhere, and the JerseyMic briefcase is no exception.

So there you have it! I was given this briefcase as a present, and this is what I’ve decided to put inside it/use it for. I would have put my camera inside if I had a nice second camera to take it with. If there’s something missing, tell me in the comments! What do you think I should include?

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