Alternative Soul at Wash’s Inn on October 27th, 2009

Let me also highlight two of the people I noticed in this video, Ray Tyler and Cole Eubanks.

Ray Tyler has been a host of so many open mics, I don’t even know where to begin. I owe a lot to him for being the source for a lot of gatherings in the South Jersey area. From Pratt’s Hill of Beans Alternative Soul (back in the good days) to Wash’s Inn to Unrestricted, Ray swims upstream in South Jersey. He is a poet and a writer for the AC Weekly

Cole Eubanks is a friend of mine and an amazingly talented poet. He turned me on to Bogart’s Poetry on High, a great open mic out in Millville.

Thanks Ox!! Ox Roxley is generously contributing some of the best videos I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting on the site. Take some time to check out his page: