Coffee.Comedy at NIGHT

Coffee.Comedy at NIGHT

Hey guys, here are the pictures from last night. In case you haven’t checked it out, here’s’s review of Coffee.Comedy hosted by the Soilsacks on Sundays in Sea Isle City. It’s on Sunday nights starting at 7, although this time it really got going at around 8pm. Coffee.Comedy also has a lot of comedy acts (obviously). They had people from Comedy Central there the other night! More on that in a future post.

It’s also important to note that for the summer, Sea Isle City has reimplemented the parking meters. So keep that in mind when you come: grab quarters or keep someone in the car while you run to a store for change. There were cops everywhere!

Some of the performers from last night include:

  1. Paul Black played some originals.
  2. Sammy Stiles singing “Other Places” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (accompanied by Brian Wells).
  3. Clarence Stiles reading “Two Pieces“, an original poem.
  4. Dan Barry, who sang “Stay in Between“, along with other originals.
  5. Alex Siniari, who sang “Diving Bell“. You can check out his material, along with the other songs he played, at his blog:
  6. Matt Donovan of Soilsacks fame, played “Day New Mountain“, along with other originals.
  7. Dustin Miller, also of Soilsacks fame, played “Man in White Pants“, along with other originals.
  8. Stan Schwertly played “Nyquil Blues” along with some cover songs.
  9. Sarah Bucknam sang “Hallelujah“, accompanied by Stan Schwertly.
  10. Nolan finished the night off with a few of his originals.

Enjoy the Flickr slideshow below! Clicking on a picture will bring you to a version you can save to your computer, as well as give you the name of the performer.

You can also check out the photoset by visiting’s Flickr page for South Jersey Open Mics

Coffee.Comedy on June 14th, 2009

Shout-outs to Jeff Conaway, who I only saw perform on the side for people playing mandolin, and Brian Wells, for being so talented at guitar. And of course, the owners of Coffee.Comedy. My apologies to anyone who’s picture is missing; my camera batteries ran out of power after 3 shots, and everything I got after that was luck.

The summer is getting nicer and the crowds will only be getting larger, so consider checking out Our List of Open Mics in NJ. Alternatively, if you want something closer to where you live, check out the Map of Open Mics in NJ page!