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Red Bank Music Community Post #1:  Some rambling before the Red Bank Music Community post

Red Bank Music Community Post #2: Review: Red Bank Music Community’s Open Mic on Tuesdays in Red Bank, NJ

These are the pictures from the Red Bank Music Community open mic on August 4th, 2009. There were so many great performers. I made sure to write everything down as always.

  • Grand plays piano“, played a grand piano and all original music
    • “Electric Blue”
    • “Color is Gone”
    • “Hot Sauce”
  • Tony Sloam is a classical Spanish guitar player and covered:
    • “Mr. Bojangles”
    • “City of New Orleans”
    • “Hotel California”
  • Linda Jude sang “Dark End of the Street
  • Stan Schwertly played guitar and sang
    • “Nyquil Blues”
    • “Mercedes Benz”
  • Alex Siniari, played guitar and sang original songs
    • “All Night Long”
    • Hand Over Mouth”
    • “Free”
  • John Vallo sang and played guitar
    • Untitled
    • “In Pursuit”
    • “Survive on the News”
  • Chuck Ferraiola, sang and played guitar. Sounded Elvis-like!
    • “Do It While You’re Young”
    • “The Road Ahead”
    • “It Amazes Me So”
  • Dan Leary played keyboard and writes music-comedy
    • “I’m Changing My Name to Chrysler”
    • “Love Survives on Little White Lies”
    • “Plastic Island”
  • Jim Johnson played guitar and sang some originals
    • “The Estate” had some back story to it too!
    • “Under Her Spell”
    • Jam session
  • John Bernyk came in with a “Neil Young” guitar and played what I can only describe as a “Neil Medley” in response to something “Grand plays piano” said last week.

That’s it from the Red Bank Music Community open mic night on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 in Red Bank NJ!