First of all,

JerseyMic has decreased the numbers of ads served.

In an effort to focus on the reader experience, has taken away the ad served when clicking on an individual blog post. The only remaining ads are the ones under the header (near the top of the page) and the ad for VistaPrint. VistaPrint helps us more than anything else, but you have to want to order something. (Consider new business cards for yourself or your band, personalized pens, banners, flyers, letterhead, magnets, or even a mousepad for mom or dad!)

The header ad may or may not be going in the future as well. It doesn’t bring in enough money to justify the annoyance to the reader. I don’t like ads myself and I don’t expect you guys to either.

The Barrington Cafe will be reviewed next.

The Barrington Cafe was rated as the Best Open Mic, and it definitely earned it’s place from what I saw last night. The review will be posted right after a…

Short 3 day pause from JerseyMic

We will be back in action on Monday, but in the meantime, why don’t you catch up with JerseyMic’s best posts of May or consider leaving some comments on blog posts for open mics in NJ.

Comment on this post and let me know what you think could be improved about JerseyMic.