If you

read the pre-review ramblings of the RBMC post, or

read the actual review of the RBMC open mic, or

saw the pictures from the night we went,

you would know a couple things:

  1. Alex Siniari of alexsiniari.blogspot.com went with me on this hour-and-a-half road trip.
  2. The Red Bank Music Community sends out DVDs of your performance.
  3. They don’t charge any money.

Alex and I both got DVDs in the mail. They’re nice! It has intro text with your name on it, and blackouts in between songs. Sending out DVDs really helps you re-analyze your style and grow as a performer.

In the near furture, you should be able to purchase the video of Alex’s three recorded songs on his website. They’re acoustic versions of what will be on his upcoming album. I only did two songs: I covered “Mercedes Benz”, but I’m not particularly proud of it. It might get uploaded on the JerseyMic YouTube channel and not mentioned later.

I also performed my  own original “Nyquil Blues”, which I’ve uploaded for everyone to see! Enjoy, and thanks again to the Red Bank Music Community!