Pratt's Hill of Beans in EHT, NJ

Pratt's Hill of Beans in EHT, NJ


When you hear the word “Storm”, you usually think of thunder, lightning, and rain (and who hasn’t been thinking of rain lately?). At Pratt’s Hill of Beans in Egg Harbor Township in NJ, you’ll be electrified by the time you’ll have at Storm. “Storm” is the name of the open mic currently being hosted by Jeff Conoway. The open mic is from 8pm-10pm, and the main focus is having a good time.

Rather than having assigned slots for each performer, Jeff loosens things up by calling people in what he calls his “Kumbaya” style night. Everyone gets a chance to play, and for some songs, everyone sings along. Jeff is a multi-talented musician, and brings a mandolin, guitar, and keyboard to play. Jokes are made and songs are given a shot even if Jeff hasn’t played them before. The night is relatively new and is still lifting off the ground. It was an older crowd the night we went, but as long as you’re out of high school, you’ll have a good time.

Jeff Conoway, Sarah Bucknam, Eric, and Kellen

Jeff Caraway, Sarah Bucknam, Eric Johnston, and Kellen at Storm!