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Come join the MCC NJ STARS League for their first ever Open Mic night!

(I’m posting this for Samantha Popp, president of the NJ Stars League of Middlesex County College. I live a little far away for it, but I’m excited for how it turns out.)

Come join the MCC NJ STARS League for our first ever Open Mic night on November 21st, 2009!

We are looking for performers of all kinds to strut their stuff and show the world their talents!

Slam poets, comedians, actors, and singers are all welcome to perform on our stage.

**We are also looking for acoustic musicians!! Let us know if this is your thing.


~~All proceeds will be donated to NJ Seeds, a local organization that helps underprivileged high achieving students reach their goals of attaining higher education and employment~~


(Performers – please arrive a little early so we may sign you in!)

Tickets are $5/advance and $8/at the door



November 21st, 2009

7:00-9:30 PM

The Back Stage

St Stephen’s Church

120 Pleasant Ave

Edison, NJ 08837

Pictures of the venue are at this myspace:

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Pictures from the “Wide Open Mic” at the Barrington Coffee House on June 4th, 2009

Front of the Barrington Coffee House

Front of the Barrington Coffee House

Hey guys, I just posted the review of the Barrington Coffee House “Wide Open Mic”, so here are the accompanying pictures. There was a long set list, and a lot of performers! You can check out pictures of open mics in NJ by clicking on our Flickr page, or you can just look below to view the slideshow of pictures from the Barrington Coffee House “Wide Open Mic” from June 4th, 2009:

It was a great show, with tons of talented performers. Signups started at 7:30 like the website said, and by 7:45 the list was full. Everyone was amazingly talented and everyone had a great time. It’s no wonder the won the best open mic in NJ award by NJMonthly.

As a reminder, anyone who would like to look through the individual pictures from the Barrington Coffee House’s “Wide Open Mic” night from June 4th, 2009, can click the link below (to access the Flickr photo set):

Barrington Coffee House’s “Wide Open Mic” night from June 4th, 2009

Comment if you went, talk about the event if you’ve been there or in Barrington!

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The Barrington Coffee House “Wide Open Mic” in Barrington, NJ on Thursdays

The Barrington Coffee House Open Mic Night

The Barrington Coffee House Open Mic Night

On Thursdays in Barrington, NJ, you can visit the Barrington Coffee House for their “Wide Open Mic”. The night begins at 8pm, but signups start at 7:30. The place is packed, so make sure to get there and sign up EARLY. The Barrington Coffee House is on 131 Clements Bridge Rd, Barrington, NJ 08007.

You might be asking yourself, “So why should I go out to Barrington for this event?”. Let me answer by saying that it was voted the best open mic in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly. But don’t let me explain it, take it from NJ Monthly itself:

“If you want to perform at the Barrington Coffee House open mic, make sure you sign in right at 7:30 on Thursday night. The event, which runs from 8 to 10 pm, is always full. The cafe is small, so you’ll want to grab a seat early. But don’t let the size fool you; the Barrington Coffee House attracts quality local performers—and national acts on Friday and Saturday nights.”

Best of

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It’s all over. Lots of money has been raised. Tunes Against Turmoil 2 (Or Tunes Against Turmoil II) has been a great success and it’s been over for days now. Every post is complete, and just about everyone involved is resting now. In case you missed it, or if you just wanted an easy listing of what each post did, here it goes:

The first post– explains the goals of Tunes Against Turmoil 2 and the pictures were of people there and events going on

The second post– explains more of what people did, along with the Committee of Conscience table, Dr. Jerry Ehrlich, and Leon Sangster’s poem, “What Courage with Ink and Blood Spilt”

The (intermediate) post– a link to a YouTube video of all of the pictures from the event (made by Unfortunately, Google cut out the song I had in the background. How does everyone else get away with it?

The third post– was the first one to cover bands from the event. Total Failure, Class 6, and Ocean the Legend

The fourth post– was the last coverage posting and covered Marc Ribler, My Name is August, and Alex Siniari & Christian Glomb

That’s all folks.

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Tunes Against Turmoil 2: The Final Review!

It’s been a long series. The longest yet on JerseyMic. Here is the final post for Tunes Against Turmoil II. We left off with Ocean the Legend.

The next performer was Marc Ribler (

Marc Ribler performing originals

Marc Ribler performing originals

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Tunes Against Turmoil II: Third post (Bands from TAT2)

So you’ve been waiting for this one.

It’s okay. Everyone has. Tunes Against Turmoil 2 used music and games to help raise money for Doctors Without Borders in order to help the situation in Darfur.  We met with the following performers:

  1. Total Failure
  2. Class 6
  3. The Pedestrians
  4. Ocean the Legend
  5. Marc Ribler
  6. My Name Is August
  7. Alex Siniari & Christian Glomb

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