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Come join the MCC NJ STARS League for their first ever Open Mic night!

(I’m posting this for Samantha Popp, president of the NJ Stars League of Middlesex County College. I live a little far away for it, but I’m excited for how it turns out.)

Come join the MCC NJ STARS League for our first ever Open Mic night on November 21st, 2009!

We are looking for performers of all kinds to strut their stuff and show the world their talents!

Slam poets, comedians, actors, and singers are all welcome to perform on our stage.

**We are also looking for acoustic musicians!! Let us know if this is your thing.


~~All proceeds will be donated to NJ Seeds, a local organization that helps underprivileged high achieving students reach their goals of attaining higher education and employment~~


(Performers – please arrive a little early so we may sign you in!)

Tickets are $5/advance and $8/at the door



November 21st, 2009

7:00-9:30 PM

The Back Stage

St Stephen’s Church

120 Pleasant Ave

Edison, NJ 08837

Pictures of the venue are at this myspace:

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Ox Roxley and the Music Boutique in Northfield 10-16-09

I went to the Music Boutique in Northfield NJ on Friday, October 16th, 2009.

I went there to meet Ox. Ox Roxley.

Ox Roxley

Ox Roxley "roxing" out at the Music Boutique

Ox Roxley is the name of the next set of hands helping out He’s agreed to send me video clips from open mics he goes to, shortened to include the best 30 seconds from different acts of the night.

Be excited! He’s been to three other open mics this week alone, including:

And he’s got clips from the three of them! I’ll be uploading them here soon, but if you want to find out more about Ox Roxley, check out his myspace at:

He’s a Brigantine local and a very talented musician. Expect a blast of posts coming up with video clips from him and hopefully some reviews if he feels so inclined!

The Music Boutique

Ox Roxley | MySpace Music Videos

And if you feel like you want to volunteer and help out, send me an email through the “Email me” page

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Some shots from the Music Boutique open mic on August 7th, 2009

The door outside of Music Boutique in Northfield, NJ

The door outside of Music Boutique in Northfield, NJ

I just finished reviewing the Music Boutique in Northfield NJ. It was a very “loose” night. People came and went and the performers weren’t introduced in the traditional open mic manner. So there’s no detailed name list, just a short little post with a link to the pictures:

The Stage at the Music Boutique

The Stage at the Music Boutique

It’s actually called “The Stage” in the email reminders sent out (hence the capitalization). It’s neat that these guys thought of putting it in their music store, especially since this venue is much younger than the store itself.

The pretty guitars at the Music Boutique

The pretty guitars at the Music Boutique

The first 45 minutes (starts at 7pm) of the open mic was a jam session by some of the guys that were there. It was, like I said, very loose — I ended up playing xylophone in the background! And bongos. To reiterate the point from the review: you’ll run into musicians. The manager is a musician. I was approached by two people looking to do some music projects. If that’s what you’re looking for, then by all means, go here.

There’s a few more in the slideshow below:

That’s it for pictures from the Music Boutique open mic in Northfield NJ on August 7th, 2009!

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Review: The Music Boutique Open Mic on Fridays in Northfield, NJ

The outside of The Music Boutique

The outside of The Music Boutique

The Music Boutique is in Northfield, NJ and holds open mics on Fridays starting at 7pm. It’s a pretty new (less than 6 months) music store in the area.

I went on a sow night, but I was assured that more people went on a regular basis. Regardless, it was a fun time. Expect to me talented musicians, as this is a music boutique. A group jammed for a little bit and I rocked out on xylophone and bongos. There’s a very loose feel to the place, but the manager Chris in very on the ball. He’s always remembered my name and it blows me away every time. I’m telling you: not one has he forgotten me. Incredible.

Go to Music Boutique on Fridays at 7pm because it’s a fun little time. Bring your friends and hang out. Depending on the night, you might need them. But I trust Chris. Read this little shot I took below if you can make it out. It’s essentially a kid’s story about why Music Boutique is such a great place:

Tesitmony to awesome

Tesitmony to awesome


  • Music Boutique:
    • 1333 New Rd # 1
    • Northfield, NJ 08225-1202
      (609) 383-9800
  • Fridays, 7pm
  • Musicians mostly.

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Pictures from the Red Bank Music Community Open Mic on 8-4-09

[removed at request of Red Bank Music Community]
Red Bank Music Community Post #1:  Some rambling before the Red Bank Music Community post

Red Bank Music Community Post #2: Review: Red Bank Music Community’s Open Mic on Tuesdays in Red Bank, NJ

These are the pictures from the Red Bank Music Community open mic on August 4th, 2009. There were so many great performers. I made sure to write everything down as always.

  • Grand plays piano“, played a grand piano and all original music
    • “Electric Blue”
    • “Color is Gone”
    • “Hot Sauce”
  • Tony Sloam is a classical Spanish guitar player and covered:
    • “Mr. Bojangles”
    • “City of New Orleans”
    • “Hotel California”
  • Linda Jude sang “Dark End of the Street
  • Stan Schwertly played guitar and sang
    • “Nyquil Blues”
    • “Mercedes Benz”
  • Alex Siniari, played guitar and sang original songs
    • “All Night Long”
    • Hand Over Mouth”
    • “Free”
  • John Vallo sang and played guitar
    • Untitled
    • “In Pursuit”
    • “Survive on the News”
  • Chuck Ferraiola, sang and played guitar. Sounded Elvis-like!
    • “Do It While You’re Young”
    • “The Road Ahead”
    • “It Amazes Me So”
  • Dan Leary played keyboard and writes music-comedy
    • “I’m Changing My Name to Chrysler”
    • “Love Survives on Little White Lies”
    • “Plastic Island”
  • Jim Johnson played guitar and sang some originals
    • “The Estate” had some back story to it too!
    • “Under Her Spell”
    • Jam session
  • John Bernyk came in with a “Neil Young” guitar and played what I can only describe as a “Neil Medley” in response to something “Grand plays piano” said last week.

That’s it from the Red Bank Music Community open mic night on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 in Red Bank NJ!

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Review: Red Bank Music Community’s Open Mic on Tuesdays in Red Bank, NJ

[removed at request of Red Bank Music Community](Recently, Alex Siniari and I traveled an hour and a half up to Red Bank, NJ for an open mic. It was quite the road trip! You can read the side-notes and ramblings from it in this post: Some rambling before the Red Bank Music Community post)

The Red Bank Music Community is a group located in Red Bank. NJ. This is one of my favorite open mics I’ve been to yet. You can see how dedicated these guys are on their MySpace page:

“The Red Bank Music Community is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a community of musicians, writers and enthusiasts centered in Red Bank, New Jersey. We are dedicated to non-traditional music education and we are a public charity that presents mostly free classes, workshops, concerts and more, in the interest of providing the opportunity for everyone to enjoy music and to express their artistic selves through music in a positive environment. We’re all about respect, unity and positivity, but above all else, making our local music scene a true community.”

One thing that stood out before I even got to the open mic was how well-maintained their MySpace page is.

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