Alex Siniari

Alex Siniari

Dustin Miller

Dustin Miller

I’ve interviewed both Dustin Miller and Alex Siniari before on JerseyMic. I’ve talked about Alex’s blog before and I’ve seen them at a lot of open mics.

And if you’ve kept up on Alex’s blog, you’d see that the two of them have been working on an album together. And they’ve been preparing for their NJ tour.

They’ve planned the tour in “phases”. Every month is a new phase, and something new will be introduced into the show, or something will be built upon. Right now they switch back and forth playing their music, but as the months go on:

  • they’ll be playing on each other’s songs
  • there will be more instruments
  • they’ll be looping sounds behind them

And more. In fact, Dustin’s blog has a little droplet more (from the only post so far on

Phase #2 – 10:
These phases of our “tour” will get increasingly complex, with a move towards using loop pedals and various other effects and instruments to create a fuller sound on stage. By Phase #10 we hope to achieve a “full band” effect, using drums, percussion, pre-recorded loops and ambient noises, multiple guitars, and other forms of sonic communication.

Alex’s site has an up-to-date listing of upcoming shows. Here’s what’s in store for now:

10/30/09 7PM The Treehouse Cafe Audubon NJ

10/31/09 7PM Trinity Irish Pub The Pier@ Caesers Atlantic CIty NJ

11/06/09 6PM The Groundhouse Pitman NJ

11/08/09 7PM The Twisted Tree Cafe Asbury Park NJ

I’ll keep you updated about the tour periodically, and if you want to show up to one of the dates, feel free to email me about it!

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