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Progress with the “list”

This graph defines progress as a neverending process.

This graph defines progress as a neverending process.

So the latest posts on JerseyMic haven’t been about any open mics at all. Or about South Jersey. In fact, the latest post on JerseyMic is about changing JerseyMic for the better. And if you somehow stumbled on this post without seeing the previous one, you can see it below:

Focusing JerseyMic and to-do lists

Outside of responding to some comments lately, it wouldn’t look like much is happening on the site. However…there is a lot being done, and I’m taking the time in this post to briefly update everyone.

The first major update is the “More features” point of the list. I’ve been working on database of the open mics to integrate into the site. There’s nothing to show because it’ll either be live or it won’t–there’s no middle ground.

The second major update is the “pix-and-stix” point. The “pix” have been made and the “stix” are ready to go. The web interface has yet to be implemented but it’s a lot further along (research-wise) than it was a week ago.

Or it could be in another coffee house!

Or it could be in another coffee house!

Finally, while it isn’t an update, I’m getting used to my new fall schedule. It is hectic! Full time school and 22 hours of work is not an easy thing to dive into, but I should be able to sort everything out fine. I’d like to thank everyone that has been commenting; you really make me want to keep going and it’s important. Thank you.

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July Wrapup!

It's a wrap!

It's a wrap!

The month of July was HOT! As hoped for, JerseyMic is still growing by leaps and bounds. The exposure this month was phenomenal. Outside of a growing effort to advertise the name, there was a boom in visitors from sources like craiglist and what I hope is traffic from the business cards.

(Did you see the business cards? I’ll scan one in to show everyone in a couple days.)

Beside the 2,250 pageviews served up last month, we had some considerable growth for the site. Like the intern! Read more about Josh by clicking this sentence.

The first Google Images result for "Interns, Updates, and Parties"

Not Josh, but representative of his mastery of the camera.

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