The first month of JerseyMic has ended. Here’s the stats:

The most popular three posts were: (check them out if you haven’t)

  1. Hangar84 from May 14th, 2009: Band List and Flickr set

  2. Tunes Against Turmoil 2: THE MEGA POST

  3. The Ground House Open Comedy Mic in Pitman, NJ on Wednesday Nights

May had a total of 27 posts. This is a HUGE amount at almost 1-per day,especially considering that most posts are picture-intensive. Breakdown:

6 of them are Open Mic Night Coverage posts with pictures and some with video

-6 of them are Articles posts with updates on the site’s status

-2 of them are Comedy posts about The Ground House in Pitman

-8 of them are Events posts, either about TAT2 or Hangar84

-The last 5 are Reviews posts, which means JerseyMic covered 5 new open mics in May.

JerseyMic had 1,189 page views during it’s first full month, and 825 unique visitors. Due to some tracking issues, we only have data from May 9th-31st, which means the final totals from May would be even higher.

And in case you didn’t see the posts, JerseyMic added a YouTube account, a Flickr Account, a Twitter Account, a Squidoo Lens, an AboutUs page, a new way to help support JerseyMic (see the links page), our Map of Open Mics, and the brand new look!

Thanks to everyone who has

  • commented on posts!
  • sent in suggestions!
  • recommended their open mic to us!
  • voted on polls
  • purchased stuff through our VistaPrint link (seriously, thank you!)
  • played at the open mics we visited!

There’s MUCH more in store, so here’s hoping June 2009 is bigger and better than May!