The Doris Jazz Room


The Doris Jazz Room is located in Pleasantville, NJ. Last night, in light of the recent news that Pratt’s Hill of Beans is moving from their EHT location, the Thursday night open mic was held at The Doris Jazz Room. Ray Tyler was the host and he went out of his way to make sure there was an event for Thursday night.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, the night was much smaller than expected:

The meetup at the Doris Jazz Room

The meetup at the Doris Jazz Room

But don’t let the small turnout fool you. From this open mic was some of the best conversation and exchange this side of open mics. And The Doris Jazz Room happened to be the debut of JerseyStix, explained after the fold!

In attendance was:

  • Ray Tyler, host, radio personality, and writer for the AC Weekly
  • Bruce Williams, poet
  • Levern E. Fitzpatrick Sr, author and film producer. Pictured below with a poster for his newest, to-be release book, Time In The Inside“.
  • Levern E Fitzpatrick

    Levern E Fitzpatrick

  • Alex Siniari, singer-songwriter and previously featured on JerseyMic
  • Stan Schwertly, singer and guitarist
  • Billy Philips, AKA Illogik. He performed three of his songs, including “16 Reasons”, featured at the end of this post
  • Illogik


Along with a couple of other audience members that didn’t perform, the Doris Jazz Room was great for finding out what people were working on. I walked out with a demo CD, a promotional for an upcoming book, and a video interview for JerseyMic!

That’s right! Ray Tyler took a video interview of JerseyMic. I’ll be able to post it as soon as he gets it online. I think I covered everything I needed to, and hopefully I did it well! We’ll see.


They’re going to get a post for their own sake, but tonight was the debut of them. Invented to promote original works, these should be the seed for many creations in the upcoming weeks. We’ll see. If you come to an open mic where I’m at, you might get one too!

As a note for everyone reading: the next Thursday open mic will be held at Sherlock’s Books and Cafe in Smithville at 8pm

I’ll keep the teaser alive for now, and end the post with Illogik‘s “16 Reasons”.