It’s all over. Lots of money has been raised. Tunes Against Turmoil 2 (Or Tunes Against Turmoil II) has been a great success and it’s been over for days now. Every post is complete, and just about everyone involved is resting now. In case you missed it, or if you just wanted an easy listing of what each post did, here it goes:

The first post– explains the goals of Tunes Against Turmoil 2 and the pictures were of people there and events going on

The second post– explains more of what people did, along with the Committee of Conscience table, Dr. Jerry Ehrlich, and Leon Sangster’s poem, “What Courage with Ink and Blood Spilt”

The (intermediate) post– a link to a YouTube video of all of the pictures from the event (made by Unfortunately, Google cut out the song I had in the background. How does everyone else get away with it?

The third post– was the first one to cover bands from the event. Total Failure, Class 6, and Ocean the Legend

The fourth post– was the last coverage posting and covered Marc Ribler, My Name is August, and Alex Siniari & Christian Glomb

That’s all folks.