Personalize a Mail Surprise

HP Snapfish is offering 20 printed pictures for free to everyone.

Over the past 6 months with JerseyMic, I’ve taken a lot of pictures. How many? I’ve taken 720 open mic pictures. And on top of that, I’ve taken over 200 pictures at events like Jersey Idol or Bayfest.

But you can’t feel them. Snapfish is giving out 20 free pictures to anyone that signs up. I’ve ordered the free pictures from them before myself (for open mic pictures and some facebook ones):



They give you a list of features, but the ones I thought were the coolest were:

• FREE online photo sharing
• FREE unlimited online storage
One roll of film developed FREE
• FREE photo editing tools & software
• Over 90 custom photo gifts

Plus, anyone that orders anything beyond the 20 free prints at HP Snapfish helps support JerseyMic. That includes anything from a desk calendar to a coffee mug. AND the first person to do that gets JerseyMic schwag:


FREE STUFF! A JerseyMic bag with secret prize inside!

Summary: Help support JerseyMic by getting pictures printed at HP Snapfish